What our customers are saying:

“What a great addition to Monroe. Adam's was everything I expected out of someone with the experience of Chef Adam.”

Our restaurant is focused on local, seasonal, organic and sustainable foods. We spend our days making our food from scratch and keep it wholesome. We source all of our vegetables, meats, fish and seafood from the northwest.
   The dishes focus on the simple flavors that the beautiful ingredients provide with creative culinary fun. There is a blend of influences from the deli to a classic love for good bar food to experiences from different steak houses.
   We do have a beautiful slow roasting/smoker oven in which I can prepare all of our smoked items.
   The Bistro has a Northwest feel. I knew it should be comfortable and relaxing, like you were sitting in your friends house just kicking back enjoying the time.
   Hope to see you soon.
Chef Adam

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