A  Word  from Chef  Adam

Adam Hoffman,

and seafood are butchered and filleted in-house; our bacon, salmon, and brisket are smoked in-house. Our dishes emphasize the simple, natural flavors that our fresh, beautiful ingredients provide.  We pair that with skilled cooking methodology and creative fun to present you with a culinary delight.  Our chefs are continually experimenting with various and seasonal ingredients so that we can present you with new and exciting flavors.

It is our mission to be part of this community with wholesome food made from local ingredients by local people we know and trust.  It's our "farm to table" philosophy.  With our culinary knowledge, our skilled staff, and our love for all things wholesome, our mission is to set a table of lasting goodness and value.  From the bread we buy, to local farms, dairies, artisans, and the best Northwest meat and fish available, we strive to make each dish not only to nourish but to celebrate the tradition of enjoyable food and drink.  Be our guest and allow us to serve you in the time-honored tradition of eating establishments.   Cheers!

I believe that since the beginning of time, breaking bread together has been a tradition which builds relationships, families, and communities.  Sharing meals with friends and loved ones is how we know we belong and are welcome. 

Although my training and professional experience has been in fine-dining,  it has always been my dream to provide a venue that offers exceptional food, but in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere; a place where guests feel like they are dining in a familiar home, a place where people can run into old friends and make new acquaintances. 

At our bistro we focus on local, seasonal, organic and sustainable foods, and source all of our vegetables, meats, and seafood from the northwest.   Our sauces and dressings are made in-house; our meats