OCTOBER 1, 2016


Great news for all those who love Adam's house-cured, smoked bacon!

Once again, Adam's Bistro is selling our in-house cured and smoked bacon.  Our bacon starts with the best pork bellies from Carlton Farms.  They are cured with sea salt, cracked pepper, onions, thyme, bay leaves and garlic.  After a week of curing, the bellies are rinsed and hung to air dry.  We then smoke the bellies with local apple wood and peach wood to infuse a wonderful smokey flavor.  Each pound of vacuum sealed, thick-sliced bacon is $12.99.  As many of you know, these go fast, so hurry down to Adam's Bistro and brewery and enjoy a nice meal with our craft beer and pick up your package of house-cured bacon.  There is a limited supply - only 60 packages available.  You can call us at (360) 794-4056 to reserve your slices of heaven,

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