Decades ago, my mother gave me one of the greatest birthday gifts I've ever received.  It was a home brewing kit.  This sparked a new passion for me, as I soon understood that there was a purpose for good, craft beer.  I realized that beer could pair well with certain foods that might not pair that well with wines, such as spicy food, fried foods, smoky barbecues, etc.  Thus was born a quest to create quality craft beers utilizing my culinary knowledge.

When the opportunity arose for me to purchase what was to become Adam's Bistro, there was a small four-barrel brewery next door.  Needless to say, this was a dream come true.  The previous owner, Tim Kovach, worked diligently with me every week, teaching me the ins and outs of his personal brewery. After six months under Tim's guidance, I  felt ready to venture on my own, but kept the original Twin Rivers Brewing Company name.  I spent the next few years refining recipes, streamlining production, updating equipment, building a walk-in cooler for our kegs, purchasing an additional fermenter, experimenting with various grains and hops, propagating our own yeast, etc.  It was a true labor of love.

I applied the same philosophy to beer brewing that I use for cooking.  I focused on purity of flavor, aroma, visual appeal, and keeping a recipe true to it's name.  If I brewed a Pale Ale, I wanted to brew a beautiful, clean, sessionable Pale Ale.  The same principle applied to saisons, stouts, IPAs and other beers.

What started out as a four-barrel, once a month brew, rapidly grew to 16 barrels per month. In three years, our production quadrupled, and we still struggle to meet demands.  Through years of refinement, we now have a half dozen staple beers, with another dozen variety of beers we release throughout the year, pairing them with the seasonal changes in our food menu.

I attribute much of our growth and success to the fellow brewers who have helped me along the way, to the loyal and patient customers who have provided valued input, and to our Head Brewer and dear friend Dan Haff.


Adam Hoffman,

Great Food,  Great Beer